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Distribution with a cross-platform build system

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version 1.2.2 – is a cross-platform development environment for distributors of operating systems or embedded systems developers. Own build system allows to create applications for target devices with various architecture, starting from micro controllers and finishing by general-purpose servers.

Radix Platform

The main repository contains the build scripts of packages, which have the most complete and common functionality for desktop machines. Development of specific systems can be based on other principles. However, if you create more compact systems or the software for embedded systems, the main platform repository will be very useful as a source of templates for creating build scripts of separate software components.

Supporting multiple devices with different architectures we try not only to ensure the solidity of the established distribution in terms of package dependencies from each other, but also to provide the same functionality of the target system on different hardware. A brief list of supported devices can be found in the Devices section.

Current platform releases are available on our FTP server. Directory names correspond to the versioning standards with the only one exception that the first two numbers separated by a dot is a version of the platform, and the third number – is the Subversion revision number of the platform trunk.

Download Platform Release

version 1.1.634

The ability to get the application source code is essential to ensure free product distribution, but it isn't enough to call the product truly free. It is especially so for complex products where a huge amount of source code makes studying the product physically impossible, which, in turn, makes it extremely difficult for other engineers to improve the product. Even comprehensible accompanying documentation cannot assure perfect user ownership of the product. Our approach is to provide, in addition to the source code, the root ideas that were taken as the basis for the product creation. Only the knowledge about the fundamental operational principles of the system can make a user a rightful and competent owner.

In short, this work is dedicated to those who prefer owning over using.

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